5 Tips for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season is approaching. Check out these 5 hurricane prep tips to help set you up for success

Hurricane season is approaching! Here at Brunt Insurance, our goal is to make sure each and every one of our clients are prepared for Hurricane Season. Here are five important tips:

Check your Supplies

Make sure that you have the necessities such as flash lights, water bottles, batteries, pet care items, medications, etc.

Be Aware of your Vehicles Surroundings

Make sure your vehicle is safe. If possible, move your vehicle away from trees or other objects that may damage it in a storm.

Have a PlanĀ 

Create an emergency plan and review it with everyone in your home. Make sure everyone knows the safest location in the home. Create an evacuation route before the storm hits and make sure you have a full tank of gas.

Protect Important DocumentsĀ 

Make sure important documents such as ID cards and other vital information are placed in a secured, waterproof container

Know What your Insurance Covers

Know what damage your Insurance Covers. Not sure what it covers? We would love to help you. Give Brunt Insurance a call today 954-589-2204